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Professional  installation of 18000 btu  up to 36000btu Wall splits air con units.

Service Available In Western Cape & Gauteng

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Professional Air conditioner Installation of 18000 btu up to 36000BTU units: Complete Package with Brackets and Aluminum Piping Kit.

  • Incorporating an Outdoor Powder Coated Bracket and Aluminum Piping Kit
  • The process of installation is contingent upon meeting the minimum installation prerequisites. To determine the comprehensive cost, an on-site assessment is imperative.
  • Please note that electrical installation is not encompassed within our services. If your installation necessitates working at elevated heights, kindly apprise Coolxpress in advance of the commencement of the project.
  • For installations situated  in remote regions, it is vital to ascertain details with Coolxpress. In such cases, they might be a levy additional fees for travel expenses.
  • The installation package includes a generous 3 meters of piping. However, should your setup require extra drainage or piping, these specifics can be negotiated directly with the installer on the day of installation.
  • It is crucial to acknowledge that any expenses associated with the provision of scaffolding for the installation are not part of our standard offerings. Therefore, such requirements must be explicitly discussed with the installer on the day of the installation itself.
  • Kindly take note that we do not facilitate the removal of existing units as part of this installation service. This particular package solely covers the setup of new equipment.
  • Please be aware that any structural or building work necessary for the installation is expressly excluded from the quoted cost.

Installation Terms & Conditions

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