Daikin Emura White 12000btu Air Conditioner


The unit is ideal for areas up to 24 m².

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Daikin Emura White 12000btu Air Conditioner

Model FTXJ50MW – Silver

Daikin’s Platinum Range is arguably the most impressive air conditioner on the market.

Curved front panel blends into any interior décor and is easier to clean.

Compared to other brands, Daikin outside units have a heat exchanger (blue fin) that is anticorrosion-treated, ensuring greater weather resistance.

With its exceptionally low sound level, this unit runs so quietly you will almost not notice it is there.

Filtration system that works perfectly.

The unit is WiFi Ready works via an app, over a local network or through the Internet.

R32 refrigerant has less environmental impact than R410a, leading to high energy efficiency.

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.

The compressor has a 3 year extended warranty on all its parts.T&C’s apply.

The product is delivered free of charge to the whole of South Africa.


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