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DC 48V Solar Power 100% Air Conditioner Series

In Sunshine Day, the Solar Panel Produce the Dc48v Power to Charge the Battery to Storge the Power,at the Same Time Provide the Power to DC48v Compressor and Fan Motor, then It Will Cooling or Heating the Room.the Indoor Motor, Compressor, Outdoor Motor in the New Generation 100% Solar Air Conditioner System All Adopt Brushless Dc Motor,it Greatly Improved the Stability and Efficiency of System.

Model No DQ3100A1HP-01 DQ3100B1. 5HP-01 DQ3100C2HP-01 DQ3100D2. 5HP-01 DQ3100E3HP-01
1HP 1.5HP 2HP 2.5HP 3HP
0.75ton 1ton 1.5ton 1.8ton 2ton
Capacity-Cooling 9000 Btu/h 12000 Btu/h 18000 Btu/h 20000 Btu/h 24000 Btu/h
Capacity-Heating 10000 Btu/h 13000 Btu/h 20000 Btu/h 24000 Btu/h 27000 Btu/h
Air Circulation 450m³/h 550m³/h 550m³/h 550m³/h 550m³/h
Suitable Area 10~15m² 12~25m² 20~30m² 26~42m² 30~48m²
Refrigerant R-410A
Work Temp. -15~60℃
Power Input 650W 900W 1300W 1400W 1500W
Rated Current(A) 28/14 35/18 27 30 33
Indoor Unit(MM) 745*255*195 775*260*210 1070*385*265 1070*385*265 1070*385*265
Power Input(MM) 645*245*495 790*260*540 1070*385*265 850*290*580 850*290*580
Indoor Unit(KG) 11/13 13/15 15/17 16/18 20/22
Outdoor Unit(KG) 38/40 45/48 48/52 48/53 48/55

What Is Solar Air Conditioner:


Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner is Engineered from the Ground Up for Use with Solar. All Electrical Components Are Dc Powered Including Dc Compressor, High-efficiency Dc Fan Motors, Dc Valves & Solenoids, Etc. The Air Conditioner System Uses Vrf (variable Refrigerant Flow ) Controller and Frequency Driver in Conjunction with Multiple Sensors and an Algorithmic Control Circuit to Raise and Lower the Unit’s Capacity in Real-time Based on Conditions As They Change. Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Uses Solar Direct Drive Technology(sdda), So the A/c Unit Can Use Ac Dc Power in the Same Time or Independently. the Solar Energy Will Be Used As the Priority Power Instead of the Grid Energy to Run the Air Conditioner. in the Sunshine Day, the Recreate Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Can Be Operated by 100% Solar Energy Without Ac Power. The Whole System Just Contains an A/c Unit and a Few Pv Panels ( No Battery, No Inverter, No Controller). Compare with the Regular Air Conditioner, the Investment Increases 50%-80%, but the Electricity Bill Will Reduce 60-80% Yearly.























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