Best Split Air Conditioners

Best Split Air Conditioners

These Split Air Conditioners Will Help You to Stay Cool No Matter How Hot It Gets

Are summers difficult to handle? Well, a split air conditioner may be the ideal to your solution – it could be a necessity rather than a luxury.

They’re fantastic for making life more bearable by cooling rooms to a comfortable temperature of your choice, at just the touch of a button. 

Unfortunately, choosing the best one for you and your requirements can be challenging, as there are hundreds of different window air conditioners on the market with a range of capabilities and prices.

If you require a split air conditioner for use in a small room, a basic – and budget – model may suffice, whereas those looking to cool large rooms will need to consider bigger, more powerful models. 

Alternatively, for ease of use, some people may want to purchase a model with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities or compatibility with voice-activated software such as Alexa, while others many require a model with multiple functionalities, including a heater, a dehumidifier, and/or a fan.

Things to Consider

There are hundreds of different split air conditioners available on the market, so trying to pick the best one for you can be difficult at the best of times.

While people’s requirements will vary, there are a few specific points that you should bear in mind to ensure that you spend your hard-earned cash on the right one for your requirements. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, here are a few things that you should consider before buying a window air conditioner.

1. The Area It Covers

It’s pretty simple, really – the bigger and more powerful the air conditioner, the larger the area that it will be able to cool. Some of the smaller options cover around 18m² – i.e., a small room – whereas others cover upward of 70m² for use in larger areas.

2. Capabilities

Of course, the capabilities are also important. Cheaper options tend to be fairly basic, with relatively few options regarding temperature and speed settings.

Other split air conditioners, however, can cool a much larger space and are full of tricks – for example, some are also heaters, dehumidifiers, and/or fans, and others even have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for mobile operation.

You’ll have to ascertain exactly what you want to want from your window air conditioner before making a decision about which model to purchase.

3. How It Operates

You should also consider how the split air conditioner operates. Some have various buttons or a turn-knob on the unit itself, others have a full LED display on the unit, and others have one or the other as well as a remote control.

There are even split air conditioners on the market that are Wi-Fi-enabled and can, therefore, be controlled using smart devices, and sometimes even voice-activated software such as Alexa.

4. Energy Efficiency

It’s always worth considering the energy efficiency of any split air conditioner, especially if you’re planning on using it regularly or for a long time.

After all, it’s not only good for your bank balance but also the environment! Some companies provide the official energy efficiency rating, which is always useful – to be Energy Star certified, it has to have a rating of 12.0 or higher.

5. Warranty

As with any product, there’s a chance that something will go wrong with a split air conditioner, so you need to make sure that the model you’re buying comes with a warranty of at least one year.

You should also check exactly what’s covered on the warranty, as they’re usually ‘limited’ – plus, it’s not unusual for different parts of the unit to have different warranty lengths.

Best Split Air Conditioners

Samsung AR9500 Premium Wind Free Digital Inverter Air Conditioner

Fast Cooling mode first cools an entire room 43% faster than a conventional air conditioner, then switches automatically to Wind-Free mode. Wi-fi enebled Samsung’s unique Wind-Free design disperses air through 23 000 tiny micro-holes, eliminating unpleasant draughts and ensuring your total comfort. Wi-Fi enabled with the Samsung Smart Home App. AI Auto Cooling automatically analyses your usage patterns and switches to the most appropriate mode. Keep your air hygienic with a Tri-care filter which is coated with a Zeolite provides anti-virus, anti-bacteria and anti-allergen. Energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost technology saves you up to 73% on electricity*.

LG Artcool Inverter Air Conditioner

Our revolutionary inverter technology offers powerful yet silent performance while also greatly lowering energy consumption by as much as 60%. LG has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level with its inverter technology. Perfect Health Care
Various filtration and Mosquito Away protect the users from all harmful substances including odor, bacteria, allergen, virus, micro-dust, and mosquitos.
Antibacterial Air Filter
The Antibacterial Air Filter is the first line of defense, designed to initially capture dust particles over 10μm in size then eliminate finer particles, bacterias from various other sources.<br>

Best Split Air Conditioners

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